Friday, October 20, 2006

The cosmos is a center of the country and it is ..full-bloomed.. in full bloom by the use of the cosmos field and the fallow field of Chita City large Ocoge. The cosmos far seen from the hill part of Chita Peninsula against the background of mountains in Suzuka is spectacular. Please see here for details in the cosmos field.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Round in riverside district that started Ts Toyotomi modeling it on ship play of court 400 years ago. The fruitful year also that it is a door entrance of the water transportation of Yahata Omi and is the birthplace bridge is left, it became complicated over and over again like the reticulation, and it is possible to go sightseeing comfortably in a labyrinthine waterway with the hand ship. The ship can advance in Yoshi's waterway that grows thick, and enjoy the expression at each four seasons. Please see here for details of the round in the riverside district.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The spider lily in the Yamasacawa embankment of Handa City Iwanume bloomed in full-bloomed this year. Please see here for details of the spider lily.
That musters by four floats of the Tokai City Ota district preservation at the Edo latter term, and makes the mechanism doll and the float turnabout is announced. It is an annual festival of autumn that wishes good harvest staple grains and good health and there is a near history for 200 years. Please see here for details of the Ota festival.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The insect holding a service is an event that gives the prayer for holding a service of the insect that killed to harvest farm products. It is assumed that it started by teaching the founder Yohit saint of the flexibility prayer at the Heian era. Please see here for details of the insect holding a service.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Enjoying the evening cool large fireworks that brighten up Tokoname scorch festival at vessel that comes and goes in airplane and sea in which it flies away from Chubu International Airport to fireworks and the sky that is and smart special express train center. Please see here for details of fireworks.

Friday, August 25, 2006

A lot of shops of a fresh vegetable, the fruit, and marine products that were able to be caught in the morning fair local done on the day when 1 and 6 adhere in the plaza in the signal intersection of Tokoname City Tamotsu Shime 4 chome southwest every month go out. Please see here for details in 16 morning fairs.
"Yumeyumecra" opened only in Taketoyo-cho according to going. Mr. soy sauce's staple merchandise queues up though there is seven Mr. soy sauce shop in Taketoyo-cho now. The inside of a store can enter by Mr. bakery, and drink tea (coffees). Please see here for details in a dream warehouse.
It has taken Trolley by Tateyama and the stroll in the Kurobe valley of rain. Please see here for details.
General was open to the public to the Itsmatida marsh plant colony that was a specified natural monument of Aichi Prefecture in Taketoyo-cho. The day of opening to the public is 2:00PM of the fourth the sixth July 23 and August 5, and September 3, from nine o'clock. Please see here for details in the Itsmatida marsh.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Waiting summer festival of the solder warehouse" was held around the JR solder station 20 (Sunday), Saturday, August 19. The 54th citizens Bon Festival Dance in Maine is held around the station at both days and 7:00PM. A variegated event such as photo contest that took a picture of the model of "Yukata de dyer road" that tasted the air of summer of Japan and the yukata appearance was held on Saturday, the 19th. Please see here for details of the waiting summer festival of the solder warehouse.

Tokai festival fireworks where it is Oike park. The launch sound "Dorn" that sounds on vivid fireworks and the head that reflects in Oike blows off the heat of summer and the tiredness on about the day. The masterpiece is a great rebellion gem and a star mine. Please see here for details of the Tokai festival fireworks.
Snake car festival done in Taketoyo-cho large Tayutaca stone god company. The viewpoint is the mouth fireworks of the snake that raises it from the float. Please see here for details of the snake car festival of the large Tayutaca stone god company.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The sake making is permitted during the establishment Ayamatsrigot year by first Cawayoshino person right Mamoru gate Owari feudal lord. The sake name is a sunrise mountain. The brewing technology is made the best use of from the founder, and it collects and it starts manufacturing , miso. When right Mamoru the seventh generation gate is the Meiji era, ....making.. collecting.. taste of , miso becomes famous from various places, and it collects and it concentrates on , miso brewing. The technique is handed down even to right Mamoru the ninth generation gate. Please see here for details at right Mamoru gate.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The sea bream festival done in Minami-Chita-cho Toyohama is Mats that is succeeded by young people five big and small sea breams that roll the plain wood cotton in the bamboo of 10?18m in length and the frame of the tree and made it, and marches in in the town and the sea and turns. Please see here for details of the sea bream festival.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Nojima festival of the tradition that wished the big catch to be safety of fishing was held on Minami-Chita-cho torrential island on July 8. 71 fishing boats to which do the fly of a colorful big catch flag paraded to Nojima. Nojima in the uninhabited island becomes the door entrance toward the fishery in the Ise bay etc. for the fisherman on the torrential island. Please see here for details of the Nojima festival.